Statement from the Montgomery County Board of Education

Statement from the Board of Education

This Strategic Plan, FY 2018 represents our continued commitment to the five core values that define what it means to be an exceptional school system: Learning, Relationships, Respect, Excellence and Equity. Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is committed to educating our students so that academic success is not predictable by race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, language proficiency or disability. We will continue to strive until all gaps have been eliminated for all groups. Our students will graduate with deep academic knowledge and become prepared for tomorrow’s complex world and workplace.

This plan outlines expectations for students and staff and lays out a clear path to meet our objectives and goals. It also requires MCPS staff to assess student performance by addressing key essential questions:

  • Are our children learning?
  • Are they learning enough?
  • How do we know?
  • If not, why not?
  • What are we going to do about it?

MCPS will continue to organize and optimize resources that address the essential questions and support the Board’s core values to ensure that every student is well prepared for success. It is this focus that has made MCPS a shining example across the country and will allow us to continue to serve our students at the highest level for generations to come.

Our Tenets of Success

MCPS Mission

Our Vision

We inspire learning by providing the greatest public education to each and every student.

MCPS Mission

Our Mission

Every student will have the academic, creative problem solving, and social emotional skills to be successful in college and career.

MCPS Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose

Prepare all students to thrive in their future.

MCPS Core Values

Our Core Values

Learning, Relationships, Respect, Excellence and Equity.

Preparing for Success

Our 4 Support Areas that Improve Teaching & Learning & Provide a Strong Academic Program

MCPS Strategic Goals

Improve Teaching & Learning & Provide a Strong Academic Program

To provide a strong instructional program at all levels that supports the "whole child."

Focus on Learning, Accountability and Results

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Focus on Human Capital

Focus on Community Partnerships & Engagement

Focus on Operational Excellence

Strategic Objectives

Evidence of Learning

  • Identify multiple indicators to measure what students are learning and if they are learning enough.
  • Provide staff the necessary knowledge, skills and tools that allow for informed and focused teaching and learning.

Expanding Options and Access

  • Increase access to programs and resources so that all children are academically successful.

College and Career Readiness

  • Graduate students that have the knowledge and skills to qualify for and succeed in entry level job or credit-bearing postsecondary coursework without the need for remediation.

Social/Psychological Well-being

  • Acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand personal health and wellness, manage emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Highly Effective Employees

  • Ensure all staff members possess the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of students.

Workforce Diversity

  • Ensure our workforce represents the students and community we serve

Parent Engagement

  • Work with parents to improve the learning, development and health of our students.

Community Partnerships

  • Sustain and expand existing partnerships that meet the in-school and out-of-school needs of students and families.

High Quality Infrastructure

  • Provide students and staff the systems, facilities, organizational structures and services that foster a positive learning environment.

Policies & Procedures

  • Ensure compliance with all aspects of federal, state and district policies and procedures.

Resource Allocation

  • Ensure resources are aligned to our strategic priorities and distributed efficiently and effectively.

Communication & Collaboration

  • Engage collaboratively and effectively with schools recognizing that they are our primary customer.
  • Strengthen collaboration and coordination across central services.

Level Strategies

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